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Executive coaching in times of crisis

As a business owner or manager, when crisis strikes, such as an existential cyberattack, market disruption or a pandemic like Covid-19, you are left facing multiple challenges:

business development is derailed, your staff face fundamental uncertainties, there’s no end to the problems… All of a sudden, you find yourself confronted with existential questions:

Existential questions for business owners and managers

  • How will I cope with the losses?
  • In the face of multiple uncertainties, how do I create a business-model I can rely on?
  • How do I inform my employees, business partners, customers and shareholders of what is happening with the business, and the measures we are taking?
  • How do I position my company or my department to make it fit for the future?
  • How can I develop a coherent approach to managing my resources?
  • How do I strengthen my own sense of direction and offer stability to others?
  • How do I foster my own resilience and that of my company?

Gaining insights in an environment of trust using incisive methods

Whatever your core question is, Trans-In coaching places the central focus on your current situation and concerns. The process of exploring and answering these questions takes place in an environment of professionalism and trust. Your Trans-In coach acts as a sparring partner, using effective methods and contributing a wealth of personal experience.

Shifting the focus from problem solving to leadership abilities

Besides dealing with the practical, pragmatic issues, we always focus on you as a leader. This shift in focus may at first seem strange and challenging. But if you want to be prepared to deal with the next crisis, then deriving personal insights and reflecting on and adapting your own leadership behavior are critical for success. In this way the crisis can unfold into an opportunity for you to discover your inner strengths and develop resilience. Both experience and research show that leaders who are well-grounded and who engage in self-reflection do a considerably better job of dealing with crises. Isn’t now the ideal time to make full use of this opportunity? We offer you our expert support.

The transformational power of facing up to your failures

It takes a considerable amount of courage to confront the existential questions facing your company. After all, we’d much rather dwell on our successes and congratulate ourselves on our strengths. While “fuck-up events” have made failure an acceptable topic of conversation even in Europe, the truth is that most of us find it difficult to acknowledge our mistakes and talk openly about our failings. That is why Trans-In coaches give you comprehensive support and encouragement, enabling you to reveal and address your vulnerable spots. As you become more familiar with the task of inner leadership and more aware of both the positive and negative aspects of our human nature, you will inspire greater trust in the people around you, and your leadership will gain in transformative power.

A diverse range of instruments

On the journey to overcoming crisis we use a wide range of tools, including:

  • Honing or adjusting your leadership profile
  • SWOT analysis of your own leadership situation
  • Drawing up an inventory of resources and measures for accessing them
  • Models and exercises for strengthening resilience
  • Developing your personal mission
  • Models and exercises for coping better with uncertainty
  • Developing, clarifying and strengthening your inner compass
  • Role play of specific leadership situations, with feedback

A structured process tailored to your needs

Executive Coaching Process, Trans-In

In the initial meeting we explore your questions together and translate them into specific objectives. We set out the structure for the rest of the process in a contract, with a corresponding action plan. Dealing with acute issues takes two to three sessions; implementing long-term change requires a process that unfolds over a period of up to twelve months. We agree jointly on the scope of the service, which is based on your needs and on what it will take to reach your goals. We run interim evaluations to help reconcile your expectations with the actual developments. Twelve months after completing the executive coaching program, we run a refresher session to reinforce the central insights and link them to your current situation. This way you will reach your goal, one step at a time. Book an initial meeting with us so you can experience our holistic approach for yourself.

Take the first step to master your crisis.

Testimonials of our clients

Olivier Böckli

Member of the Management Board, Marti Tunnelbau AG

“The executive coaching with Joerg Eugster and the development steps that evolved from it were a powerful experience! I have made a great progress, both professionally and on the personal level. Not only am I more in touch with my feelings and experiencing more joy in life, as a leader I have become much more assertive and influential, and I have much greater impact at a higher level.”