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Category: Leadership

Success with compassionate and clear leadership

How can leaders implement tough decisions in a humane way? A recent, comprehensive study by Harvard Business Review shows, that those who separate tough management from being a good person are on the losing side. Compassionate and clear leaders, on the other hand, achieve 20% higher job performance, four times higher job satisfaction, and twice as much commitment in their workforce. Four approaches line out, how to train in compassionate and clear leadership.

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Four approaches to strengthening adaptive leadership

Adaptive leadership is becoming increasingly important. Managers who are too slow to adapt, or are not prepared to go far enough, will lose not only customers but also talented employees. You can strengthen your future prospects by practicing these four approaches:

  • Accepting changes and defeats
  • Enhancing your cognitive flexibility
  • Training in emotional flexibility
  • Foster dispositional flexibility

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Leading remotely: Five success factors for leadership at a distance

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, companies around the globe have been thrown into the challenge of switching from physical meetings to virtual channels. By now, we have already become accustomed to communicating through digital media. But as a leader, how can you use MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc. to hold effective meetings, achieve strong results and establish lasting connections? The five success factors listed below can help you with this:

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