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Our philosophy

Extensive expertise combined with the fresh perspective of a beginner

Decades of experience and a wide range of expertise in our specialist fields form a professional framework for your project. In line with the saying “Beginners see options everywhere while experts focus on proven recipes”, when we work with you to define your needs and implement your project, we adopt the attitude of a beginner who is keen to understand. Beginners want to learn; they yearn to discover new insights and new approaches. This ensures that we avoid preconceived ideas and concepts, and instead we nurture a fruitful dialogue with you which will open up new perspectives. As a result, you will find your encounter with us both refreshing and stimulating.

We are executive coaches, not consultants: the vision you are striving for already exist inside you

This is why we don’t see ourselves as consultants, there to impress you with our knowledge and create a gap so we can bridge it with our advice. Instead, we interact with you on an equal footing, in the role of an executive coach who asks searching questions. The aim is to bring out the essential through dialog. This way, you will realize for yourself that your vision already exists inside you, fully formed. Your development process consists in weeding out the non-essential to lay bare your pure potential. Michelangelo encapsulates this wonderfully in his response to the question of how he created the David statue: “David was already there in the marble. I just took away, what was not David.”

Discretion, security and relevance

Regardless of whether you are facing a transformation, a large-scale restructuring or a crisis in your company, your team or in your role as a leader, being able to trust your coach or adviser is critical for success. That is why we place such a high value on discretion, and on working with you to ensure security and relevance. Considering that what you want, after all, is to achieve growth of one sort or another, our job is to shed light not only on your strengths and successes, but also on your weaknesses and your potential. The art of our profession lies in the way that we do this: we create situations that build trust, so that you feel understood, and so that you are able to be challenged and empowered. We endeavor to convey challenging messages in a way that you are best able to receive them. You will experience trust in the same degree that you feel we are able to understand you, your team and your company, and help you to develop. We make every effort to ensure that our interactions with you are characterized by professionalism, personal rapport, humor and profundity.

Excellence with humility

In our work we strive to achieve the highest level of quality – this is what we call excellence. In doing so we constantly seek to improve, to develop our approaches and models and, above all, to continue in our personal growth. To this end we undertake external and internal professional development, and we actively seek feedback from our clients and colleagues. Accordingly, establishing feedback loops with you and with others forms an integral part of our work. But of course, we are only human, and we have to answer for mistakes and mishaps. In saying this, we do not mean to apologize in advance or lower your expectations of quality. Quite the opposite, in fact: we hold firmly to our ambition of achieving excellence, but we temper this with humility and awareness of our human imperfection. In this way we aim to reveal our inner dimensions and own up to any blunders.