Our foundation

Getting to the heart of the matter 

Our approach is summarized by our claim, “leadership targeting the core” 

  • Get to the heart of what makes you tick as a leader 
  • Bring vision and intent in harmony with implementation 
  • Assure sustainable corporate success through personal satisfaction 

Our work is based on solid psychological and economic expertise, which we have tested and honed for years in the everyday business environment. Our instruments that we use for leadership, organizational and personal development are based on the following approaches (not exhaustive): 

Scientific insights and proven methods from traditional wisdom

Neuroscience insights from Dr. Dan Siegel
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Neuroscience insights from Dr. David Rock
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Leadership Embodiment based on the work of Wendy Palmer
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Values-based leadership based on Richard Barrett
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Positive Psychology in the style of Dr. Martin Seligmann
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Mindfulness and self care based on Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn
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Mindfulness and self care based on Dr. Christopher Germer and Dr. Kristin Neff
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Emotional intelligence based on the work of Dr. Daniel Goleman
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Polarity Approach for Continuity & Transformation based on the work of Dr. Barry Johnson
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The triad principle based on the work of Dr. Gabriela von Witzleben
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Trans-In AG – Leadership zum Wesentlichen

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Trans-In AG

Fraumuensterstrasse 17
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