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Aligning your internal attitudes with your leadership behavior

Trans-In stands from transformation from inside. This expresses our conviction that sustainable success is not achieved primarily through key figures, but is the result of our inner attitude being in harmony with our outward actions: a sustainable transformation is based on a critical self-examination, which gives rise to a change in attitude. As we embark on this journey, we need to dispel anxieties that put the brakes on, and transform ideas and habits that are limiting and obstructive. If you then bring your leadership behavior in line with your purpose and values, you will develop forwards momentum. Link this to a vision of your company, your customers and your employees which fosters a sense of purpose, and you will generate genuine transformation.  

Making a difference – lower your ego

Every leader harbors the wish, in one form or another, to make a difference to the world by the force of his or her actions. It is up to you to work out what, exactly, this difference consists of. Our work contributes significantly to helping you discover and strengthen your true identity. By developing a better understanding of your purpose, you will accomplish your life’s work in a more coherent way. This requires making the distinction between helpful and obstructive tendencies, and transforming egocentric forces. This doesn’t mean you have to become an entirely selfless good Samaritan; instead, it means being more aware of your own self-interests. If, for instance, in your daily routine as a manager you find yourself repeatedly putting your own interests first, you might acknowledge this in a humorful way by saying: “There I go, thinking of number one again.” By realizing that successful leadership lies not in strengthening your own position, power and incentives, but in serving your customers and helping the people around you to develop, you, your team and your company will become part of the change that our world desperately needs.