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Assessment Center

Isn’t it their personal qualities that distinguish the truly outstanding leaders from the average ones? Isn’t it social competences that inspire employees to stay loyal to their boss and their company? A number of studies such as Great Place to Work show that for a leader, truly living by his values and being able to inspire trust is of central importance to achieving success in the long term.

This is why when recruiting and developing your management staff, assuming that their professional abilities and command of methods are already satisfactory, you will, quite naturally, focus on their leadership abilities. Trans-In acts as your trusted partner to help you evaluate and make a coherent assessment of these leadership abilities, no matter whether:

  • You are planning an extensive Executive Assessment Center for an executive board or a board of director position,
  • You need a second opinion for a key position in middle management,
  • Or you would like to discover the potential of an experienced manager through a development center.

You can rely on Trans-In’s expertise and outstanding reputation in this field.