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Leadership coaching

Promoting leadership in change processes

As a manager, you are subject to an increasing number of demands: comprehensive transformation processes or specific restructurings require your transformation competence to keep pace with the new demands. The art of this lies in adapting harmoniously, while also reaming authentic and retaining your integrity. We succeed in this when we remain true to our own values and principles despite change. If this is the case, then we act as a role model – or as a “change agent” to use the current terminology. Another factor for success is the ability to gain buy-in for the new strategy from a wide range of different people. You need to listen to people’s concerns, address uncertainties and inspire trust in the new future. On top of that, digital initiatives require you to develop an affinity for IT, work in networks and practice agile leadership techniques. As well as that, on the personal level, your ability to get high-potential employees cohesively on board plays a critical role. Young talents don’t just want to be promoted – they want you to lead them in a way that is empowering and fosters independence. And the fact that as a leader you are usually alone at the helm, faced with complex decision-making situations, doesn’t make your job as a manager any easier.

A breakthrough in your own leadership

Even though you have gained a lot of leadership abilities through practical experience or through professional development courses, such as an Executive MBA, you feel you are about to make a breakthrough in your leadership – a breakthrough which will take your repertoire of leadership abilities to the next level, and greatly increase your impact. Leadership coaching will take you on a personal journey which doesn’t follow an external roadmap, but instead traces your own predispositions to lay bare the path to your innermost potential.

Leadership coaching as a long-term investment

Some leaders find it difficult to accept the idea of leadership coaching, because they are convinced of their own strength and superior abilities. They often have the attitude that if you need a leadership coaching, that means you have weaknesses as a manager, or you don’t know how to assert yourself. For decades the world of sport has shown us the true value of a great coach: Just take a look at successful athletes in tennis, or in elite team sports like football – no one gets to the top without a strong coach at their side. Away from your demanding daily routine as a manager, leadership coaching provides a space of trust which enables you to unfold the bigger picture of your leadership potential. This is an investment in your leadership abilities, and consequently in your long-term success.

Strengthening your transformational leadership abilities

You might, for example, express your concerns like this:

  • How can I communicate the changes that have been decided in a better way, so as to foster more understanding?
  • How do I enhance my tactical flair, and get comprehensive buy-in for my issues from the different stakeholders?
  • How do I promote an end-to-end mentality and make the people in my department more open to change?
  • How do I gain a greater commitment from my team to ensure that we meet the agreed goals more accurately?
  • How can I generate the kind of momentum that can retain and foster high performers?
  • How can I position myself more strongly within the company so as to enhance my career prospects?

A program aligned with your aspirations

The process starts with an initial meeting in which you set out your concerns, and see whether you feel that Trans-In has understood you and is able to support you with comprehensive expertise, speaking to you on your level. Based on the goals we have established together, we then determine the scope of the coaching program and the procedure. You decide on your own program: if you need support in making an important decision, we recommend a short intervention comprising one to three sessions. If you want to work on developing your leadership ability, this will take several sessions. In a short telephone interview you will gain an initial impression of our methods, as well as a new perspective on your own leadership. We look forward to hearing from you.

Leadership Coaching Process, Trans-In

Experience transformation during the coaching process

Your Trans-In coach acts as a trusted sparring partner. True to our claim: Leadership targeting the core, we support you through this process on both the personal and professional level: the central focus is on your growth potential. You will experience empowerment and affirmation of your own strengths. Your coach will encourage you to discover your blind spots and identify habits that are obstructive. It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone and face up to your own weaknesses. But by shining a light on your own shortcomings and integrating them into your being, you well develop a more rounded personality which will enhance your impact as a leader. With the help of role plays from real-life leadership situations, mental models and many other instruments, you will experience a transformative momentum which brings you closer to your goal. We perform an interim evaluation to ensure that you and your coach are ideally matched. In the concluding session, we review your process comprehensively and determine further measures for you to implement after the coaching has finished. Twelve months after the concluding session, we offer a refresher session to provide inspiration and further strengthen your leadership. Get in touch with us now and take the first step towards your leadership breakthrough. We look forward to your call or email.

Make a breakthrough in your leadership.

Testimonials of our clients 

Bruno Basler

President of the Board of Directors, Ernst Basler + Partner AG

“We quickly built up a trusting relationship, which meant I could share my thoughts and feelings openly. I was greatly impressed by Joerg Eugster’s comprehensive repertoire of coaching methods.  He also stood out as a strong leadership coach by showing warmth and empathy while at the same time persistently challenging his coachee. He addresses your current personal and professional challenges according to your needs and situation, and helps you to work out the key underlying issues. Joerg Eugster shows a great respect for the task in hand, and is never superior or stuck on a formula.” Joerg Eugster shows a great respect for the task in hand, and is never superior or stuck on a formula.”

Christian Sutter

Founder & Managing Director evoq communications ag

“For me, Executive Coaching with Trans-In was a success in every respect. They supported me through a critical transition phase, and I gained an integral perspective incorporating both business and personal, and sometimes even spiritual aspects. I can say that today am a different man, and what’s more, I have the tools I need to progress in both my professional and private life.”