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Organizational development

Serve your customers better by enhancing your adaptability

Why is it that companies – and their leaders and employees – need ongoing development in order to remain successful in the market? Because change keeps on accelerating, and crises and market distortions, as created by the Covid-19 pandemic, for instance, are becoming increasingly commonplace. This is why taking care of your “transformation fitness” is not just an end in itself, but is actually vital for survival. Because your customers don’t want to have to wait until you and your company are ready to accommodate their changed needs. If your competitors adapt faster and better, you will lose your customers.

The Covid-19 lockdown gave us an impressive demonstration of how consumers can switch overnight from physical shopping to online channels. The ability to adapt to changing customer needs, new business models, leadership aspirations and business processes and an evolving corporate culture is what makes or breaks a company in the long term. Or, in the words of Charles Darwin: “It’s not the strongest or most intelligent species that survive, it is the one most adaptable to change.”

Building your transformation competence: the art of establishing new habits

Our biggest challenge lies not in technological or digital obstacles, but in the nature of our human behavior: after all, we all need a certain degree of security, of calculability and a feeling of relevance in order to perform our best. And as humans, we tend to hang on to the habits that have led to success in the past. These human needs and their related habits give rise to stand in the way of adaptability.

If you want to solve this dilemma, you need to develop your transformation competence. This is manifest in the art of continually rediscovering yourself and adapting accordingly. On top of that, as a leader, you need to stimulate transformation in your employees’ mindset, address their concerns, achieve emotional buy-in for the new direction and – finally – support them to adopt new habits in an atmosphere of trust. This is an ability which needs to be learned and practiced; and to this end, we place all of our extensive experience and know-how at your service.