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Assessment Center

Your situation and your needs form the starting point for the process

Appointing the perfect matching person to fill a key vacancy helps your company to get ahead, not only financially but also from an organizational and cultural perspective. This is why it is vital to ensure that the selection and evaluation process is carefully designed and tailored to your specific wishes and requirements. Accordingly, Trans-In Assessment Centers are not intended solely to serve as a basis for making important decisions on key appointments – they also form a service which helps you to fine-tune your requirements for specific positions, identify the risks and opportunities associated with the candidate’s attitudes and determine their areas for development, and which also supports you through the onboarding process. This is why you will reap multiple benefits from investing in a Trans-In Assessment Center.

Change competence and personality

The particular characteristics of a Trans-In Assessment Center are as follows:

  • Our work is based on established scientific methods and instruments. We are guided by the International Task Force on Assessment Center Guidelines and the Swiss Assessment
  • In this VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), leaders are under increasing pressure to demonstrate transformational qualities. This is why, when designing our assessments, we dedicate a suitably large space to change competence.
  • On the basis that one’s conduct as a leader is essentially molded by personal qualities such as values, basic principles, behavioral drivers, capacity for reflection, emotional regulation and interpretation, we undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate’s personality.
  • We assure excellence throughout the process, based on both a high level of diagnostic validity and on the precision of our language. Accordingly, with our highly conclusive diagnosis, we provide you with the best possible objective basis for making decisions on executive and middle management appointments.
  • Unlike other providers, Trans-In assessors do not remain detached and emotionless – instead, we reveal our human side so as to engage in an authentic interaction. This way we offer the candidates a realistic relationship, acting as a soundbox which allows the candidate to resonate. To avoid subjective judgments and mistaken interpretations, every assessment is of course conducted by two experienced assessors, who carefully compare their individual observations both during and after the process.
  • Because we know that candidates experience the Assessment Center as a highly stressful test situation, while we do put them through their paces with exercises that are realistic, challenging and probing, we take great pains to guarantee fair conditions. That is why we make sure that the entire process is fully transparent and understandable to the candidate, from the initial invitation and instructions on the exercises through to our discussion of the results.
  • Because both the candidate and you as the client reveal a lot about yourselves and are intimately involved in the process on a personal level, we place a high value on discretion and confidentiality.
  • After every assessment we hold a final interview to make sure that we have fulfilled your needs in the best possible way, and to identify any adjustments we should make to future assessments.

Holistic evaluation process

As a Trans-In client, you will reap the benefits of a comprehensive, holistic evaluation process which lends professionalism and certainty to your decision-making process. The process consists of five phases:

  • While determining the scope of the commission, we gain a comprehensive picture of your company’s current, past and planned situation. This involves reviewing important company documents and talking to the relevant stakeholders. Our goal is to gain a precise snapshot of your vision, strategy, culture, structure and business model, so that you and your company feel you have been understood.
  • For the planned assessment we need to develop a role-specific requirements profile which comprises the history and context of the role and the desired key abilities, as well as any undesirable behaviors. In addition, we will elaborate on focus questions for each candidate so to provide you with insights into specific topics.
  • During the design phase we determine the scope of the assessment (full-day or half-day), as well as which instruments to use.
  • We also develop a role-play situation based on your needs, for instance a conflict discussion or a negotiation meeting, which is then realistically simulated in the assessment. In order to measure the candidate’s conceptual abilities, we work with you to develop a case study, in-tray exercises, etc.
  • We know that our clients often want prompt service and we are happy to accommodate this, and to place the necessary resources at your disposal.
  • We begin the Assessment Center by analyzing the candidate’s CV and evaluating a preparatory exercise.
  • Depending on where the candidate lives and what hygiene rules you have in place, we perform the assessment either in person at our premises or remotely via a specific IT-program. In order to guarantee the validity of the results we adhere to the Swiss Assessment guidelines, including when working remotely.
  • It is generally beneficial to involve an observer from your company (ideally the candidate’s direct superior or responsible HR manager). Not only does this allow you to experience our assessment approach for yourself, you will also be able to compare your observations with your own experience of recruitment processes and enhance your powers of observation and judgment
  • To enable you to manage your recruitment process in a timely manner, we provide an initial oral appraisal on the evening of the assessment day.
  • Within five working days of the assessment you then receive the detailed report, containing a clear recommendation, the risks and opportunities associated with the candidate’s attitudes, clear evaluations, the strengths and weaknesses demonstrated in the assessment and recommendations for the candidate’s development.
  • The candidate also receives the report, and we provide further explanations, hold a feedback interview with a focus on development, and discuss possible development measures.
  • To avoid possible stumbling blocks and to minimize hurdles during onboarding, we also support both you and the candidate through the start of the new appointment.

Make use of our comprehensive assessment center competence.

Testimonials of our clients

Marilena Della Casa

Head Corporate Human Resources, Reichle & De-Massari AG

“Trans-In Assessment Centers create added value on a number of levels: Trans-In commands well-founded diagnostics and acute psychological know-how, they manage the process carefully and they design the AC so that it is customized to our requirements. The atmosphere during the AC is demanding, encouraging, friendly and authentic. The reports are adjusted to our company’s corporate language, and the recommendations can be directly implemented.”