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Tamara Bindt


Education / experience

  • Student of work, organizational and personnel psychology at the University of Applied Psychology FHNW in Olten (2020-2024)
  • Trained restaurant specialist with five years of professional experience and WSET certificate (training 2014-2017)
  • Freelance journalist since September 2021

At work

I love working with and for people – be it creatively as a journalist, analytically as a soon-to-be psychologist or needs-oriented as a restaurant specialist. I see and experience human being in the core of everything. As an executive assistant, I gain further insights into the world of applied psychology and enjoy learning something new every day. It is important to me that I provide high-quality work for the company and thus for our customers.

At home

Doing exercise and enjoying relaxation are two important counterparts that I cannot miss in my free time. I exercise regularly in CrossFit or during a walk and while swimming in the water. I find relaxation in reading, listening to podcasts and experiencing cultural events. Gardening is a combination of exercise and relaxation for me.