Sarah Cristallo


Education / experience

  • Business psychology student, B.Sc. at the University of Applied Psychology FHNW in Olten, Switzerland.  
  • A qualified travel agent with 5 years’ experience in the travel industry dealing directly with customers. 

At work

A strong service-orientation is central to my role. That is why I take pains to ensure that, on assessment days, everything runs as smoothly as possible for our client. For me, the opportunity to put what I have learned in my studies directly into practice in the workplace is exciting and challenging. I take a solution-centered approach to my working day. I enjoy staying on the ball and being ready to respond to the situation.

At home

To unwind from my hectic day of working and studying, I like to read a good thriller, or get some exercise rollerblading around the reservoir. My penchant for adventure prompts me to keep on exploring new places with my friends. And sweet idleness has its place as well – because we shouldn’t stint on relaxation.