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Dr. Philine Behrendt


Education / experience

  • Phd Personnel and Health Psychology, M.Sc. Personnel and Organizational Psychology, and B.Sc. General Psychology.
  • National and international experience in HR and consulting (Porsche AG, Siemens AG, scitrain ltd.) 
  • Various professional development courses in the field of coaching (systemic coaching and NLP, and education (MAS in Teaching). 

At work

I experience my role, supporting and guiding people in companies, as a journey towards a more aware and more fulfilling consciousness and behavior, catalyzed by external stimuli and inner reflection. Considering the individual within a system, I have the ability to (re)discover potential, to bravely question the traditional way of doing things, to gain the client’s trust in the process and to provide supporting organizational structures and processes, laying the ideal foundation for sustainable transformation – on the personal level, on the team level and throughout the organization. When acting as a facilitator, I am guided by up-to-date, well-established scientific practice and by my experience in the business context, as well as my intuition.

At home

To promote a healthy balance between body and mind, in the weekends you’ll find me hiking in the mountains, doing lengths in the swimming pool or rearranging our garden (again!). I indulge my passion for reading on long train journeys, which I have plenty of scope for thanks to a long-distance relationship with my partner in Berlin. Different countries and professional fields provide an eternal variety of impressions, inspiration and challenges – and if all this vibrancy gets a little overwhelming, I meditate or withdraw to my yoga mat, to rediscover my center.