Maya Weber

Associate Partner

Education / experience

    • University diploma in psychology, qualified banking expert. 
    • Over sixteen years in leading roles with leadership institutions such as Manres, as well as extensive practical experience in the finance sector. 
    • Various professional development courses in the field of assessments and personal development; professional development in the field of existential coaching with Alfried Laenge. 

At work

For me, making a careful, transparent and fair selection in assessments and focusing on personal development and resources in my coaching role are of central importance. I consider my job to be not just a profession, but a calling. I feel it as a privilege to get to know and understand people as unique individuals, and help them to develop.

At home

As a mother of two teenagers, a wife, a colleague and an independent entrepreneur, I have a number of different perspectives on life. My aspiration is to fit my different roles together so that I am still able to find time for myself, to recharge my batteries and to ponder the question of what is really important to me in my life. I have a broad range of interests, I am open, curious and critical – and at the same time sympathetic, and deeply grateful.