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Karin Kramer


Education / experience

    • Sc. in clinical and organizational psychology
    • Over than ten years of experience as a coach, consultant, trainer in organizational and leadership development at C-level with a focus on leadership, organizational and team development
    • Lecturer at the University of St. Gallen as well as at the Academy St. Gallen
    • Tutor and trainer on “basic psychological competencies” at the University of Zurich
    • Various further training courses in adult education, SME management and in the areas of personality development as well as couching for couples

At work

I am enthusiastic about encouraging people to develop their potential and to accompany them in their personal as well as in their corporate transformation in the sense of: ‘Whoever unfolds his power, shines in beauty. This power lies in all of us. Those who foster their joy of life and go through life with a positive attitude, experience tractability, energy, warmth and passion’.

At home

In the spirit of wholeness, I enjoy my multifaceted work, recharge my batteries in nature while hiking or to be inspired by art at vernissages. I pursue my passions of decorating rooms in my apartment, much to the delight of my partner. Meeting friends and reading help me to relax both mentally and emotionally. I am deeply grateful for the abundance and beauty of life, which I experience and appreciate in all its facets every day.