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Joerg Eugster

Founder and Managing Director

Education / experience

  • M.A. in business administration, communication studies and comparative religious studies. 
  • Education as a tradesman: certified roofer. 
  • Over twelve years in leading roles with leadership institutions such as Manres and the Lassalle Institute. 
  • Postgraduate trainings in the field of personal and organizational development, cultural transformation tools, leadership embodiment, existential coaching, mindful self-compassion, ACT, etc. 

At work

For me, supporting managers and companies on their journey is a vocation, a passion and a privilege: interactions with our clients give rise to immediate presence and growing trust. I foster this mutual exchange in a transformative space, strengthen factors that promote development and I enable growth potential to unfold. With over thirty years of experience in the field of personal and organizational development, I can offer a fertile ground to work with.

At home

As a husband and father of two pre-teen children, I experience the joys and challenges of family life, and I do my best to juggle all of the demands on me. I am grateful for a fulfilled life which combines work, family, mountain biking, hiking, fitness, culture, good conversation with friends and nature experiences, as well as moments of calm and repose.