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Dr. Sandra Haase

Associate Partner

Education / experience

  • PhD in workplace psychology and organizational psychology. 
  • Degree in psychology specializing in workplace and organizational psychology and intercultural psychology. 
  • Over 10 years’ experience as a business coach with a focus on cultural development, team development and on developing managers. 
  • Training in “person-centered facilitation” and various professional development courses in the field of personal development, leadership embodiment, self-compassion, mindfulness, etc. 

At work

I am passionate about supporting people, teams and organizations in their development processes. I like to help people with their development by creating a connection and a sense of alignment between the external and internal, tapping into both their personal and their professional potential, and harnessing this potential in a meaningful way, with joy and commitment.

At home

As well as my professional activities, I am also absorbed in my role as wife and mother of three girls. Meeting all of the daily demands, reconciling everyone’s needs and nurturing an authentic sense of togetherness based on esteem is a constant challenge and an ongoing learning process. All of that, combined with meditation, sport, enjoying nature and spending time with friends – the rich tapestry of life, so to speak, contributes to my sense of joy and fulfillment.