Béatrice Zurlinden

Member of the Management Board

Education / experience

    • Interior decorator with a Master’s degree in product design, KGS (FHNW). 
    • Professional development in the field of film and theater. 
    • SRG (SRF) – set design for music, theater and entertainment. 
    • Set design and costume design for theater and opera, in collaboration with Nicolas Ryhiner. 
    • Founder of BombaZurraDesign – designing interiors, furniture and objects, including production and sales. 
    • Member of the management board and management board committee of a medium-sized industrial company, appointment as delegated representative of the founding family. 
    • Initiation and artistic supervision of various architecture projects. 
    • Branding, building up and operating “Château de la Crée”, a winery in Burgundy. 

At home

I have been in a relationship with Nicolas Ryhiner for 30 years, I am the mother of two grown-up children and I have been a practicing Buddhist for 20 years.